Curating Yogic Journeys through magical India
Dancing with Shiva Retreat
Join Dana Flynn and Victor Colletti of Laughing Lotus NYC
for a special retreat to Rishikesh Feb 25th-March 3rd, 2020

Experience the grace of practicing on the sacred river Ganges. Purify your heart and change your karma in the holy waters, experience the depth and beauty of life on the Mother river of India. Connect with the energy of Shiva, the great sages, sadhus and sacred cows that live and wander in the hills of the Himalayas. Deepen your devotion each day with morning meditation, mantras and two inspired classes.  Nightly Aarti will bring a sacred rhythm to our evenings with the practice of divine ritual, fire and the offerings of flowers, together, we will tap into Shiva's and Shakti's mystical powers and discipline to Transform our Spiritual Life!
The optional Taj Mahal segment will run from Feb 22nd-24th