LuckyLalita-Cultivate Wisdom through Pilgrimage

Pricing of our Journeys

​Our various trips are priced according to Itinerary, which include:
-All trip preparation information & loving guidance
-Assistance with air ticket booking and Indian Visa
-All domestic Indian travel
-All lodgings, tours, yoga and discourse sessions
-Most meals, snacks, and water
-Non refundable registration fee at time of booking

Flight booking & Indian Visa

​We assist all guests booking their incoming & outgoing travel to India based on our years of experience hosting International guests. We will base our recommendations on the best arrival & departure times, and least complicated mode of travel. We are happy to advise on any ongoing travel within India or internationally after our journey is completed.


​Lodgings for our journeys are chosen based comfort, safety, and experience. All hotel rooms are equipped with: Free Wifi, Hot Water pots, Heat/AC, Western Bathroom facility. and more. Hotel photos available on request. Please submit a question for more details.

Questions & Booking