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Laughing Lotus Trainings India
We will be offering a trip to the Taj before the start of the Living Ayurveda training, and after the end of the BHAKTI training in 2020.
Please submit your info below for more information on these two excursions outside of the Lotus Training or click below to complete a PAYMENT for the addition listed. 

Taj Addition Pre Ayurveda-Feb 6-8th

Taj Addition Post Bhakti-Feb 22nd-24th

We are so incredibly honored to be the Indian hosts for the Laughing Lotus India trainings in Rishikesh. Working in partnership with one of the most loving, heartfelt, and dynamic yoga communities in the world, we get to host and coordinate with a worldwide community of yogis, and manage their needs, meals, and more throughout the training modules.
2020 DATES
BHAKTI-Feb 16th-21st
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