Journeys in India to Cultivate Expansion & Receptivity
Law of Attraction India Retreat
with Deborah Langley
✨Nov 8-15, 2019 
To study the Law of Attraction is to study the nature of energy: The scientific ‘truths’ that govern our experiences in the earthly plane. We often hear things like.. ‘what you put out you get back’, and ‘like attracts like’ ... and yet when the understanding of this truth lands deeply, it’s a game changer for knowing how to create!
✨Come & study with me in Rishikesh, India, the land of the ‘Rishi’s’... the knowers of truth. They say the teachings are thick in the fabric of these sacred lands. This retreat is your sweet opportunity to imbibe the knowledge..
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2020 Dates-Nov 8th-15th