The Sun- Masculine energy, warm, piercing, penetrating, mental, logical
The Moon- Feminine energy, cool, inviting, nurturing, emotional, intuitive
You are invited to join us on a sacred pilgrimage to the birthplace of Yoga, the enchanted land of a million temples.  We are honored to share with you some of the most sacred places in the country.
We believe as yogis an important part of our journey is to visit the homeland of the practice that has changed and transformed our lives so profoundly. Both Brian and Victoria have experienced a deepening of their practice, through their time in India and believe all Yogis can deepen their connection to their own sadhana (spiritual practice) in this magical land. 
The Sun and Moon Divine Union Retreat is an opportunity to retreat to India to dive deep into your spiritual Practice and celebrate your soul’s yearning for devotion as Victoria & Brian guide you to some of the most mystical and sacred sites on this planet. Our days will start with meditation and asana practices that play with the time of year, the sacred sites we are visiting that day and the group's unique constitution. Our days will be filled with visiting breathtaking temples, sites and rituals carefully curated by Brian, Victoria and our India hosts.  Our evenings will culminate in breathwork ceremonies, gentle asana and time for sacred rest. 
Victoria’s beloved teacher, Uschi and her husband Rakesh, who live in India and have been steeped in its beauty and the traditions of yoga for decades. We are so lucky to have Uschi and Rakesh as our guides during this sacred time.