Curating Yogic Journeys through magical India
The Experience

Mary on her first Varanasi Day: Post Vishwanath Temple Darshan!

To India with Love

Varanasi, India is the most amazing place I have ever been. I have travelled a fair amount, but Varanasi is the one place that upon stepping off the plane, I immediately knew I had to return as soon as possible.

Originally I had planned to go to Spain, but when Uschi invited me I immediatelt knew it was something I had to do. And boy, it was a good choice!

Sheleyah's knowledge of history and culture, coupled with Uschi's driving passion and intuitive observations create an incredible bed of knowledge from which to pull. Coupled with each of their social aid experience, it was truly unforgettable. It felt like home.

Although I wasn't there for very long, the time was spiritually and emotionally intense, and needless to say, life changing. For once in my life I was able to put aside all of my left brain tendencies, and just absorb what was going on around me, thanks to these two spectacularly strong, independent women.

I strongly urge anyone even considering going to put aside any pre-convictions about the distance, the danger, or the filth or whatever else is at the back of their minds to take the leap. You won't regret it.

Mary Lukasiewicz