LuckyLalita-Cultivate Wisdom through Pilgrimage
Urban Yoga-Embrace the Divine Retreat
Join Surya Barrow and Urban Yoga
for their 4th pilgrimage with LuckyLalita to India!
Jan 13th-23rd, 2020

Beginning our journey in  Varanasi, we will celebrate the Makar Sakranti festival, the  most auspicious day of the year for renewal and shedding karma. The most holy bathing day along the holy river Ganges, we will cleanse and renew our intentions, while practicing and experiencing one of the holiest and ancient cities on earth. Engaging with local culture through our hosts and guides, Varanasi is a transformative experience not to be missed.
Our second segment of the journey will be to Rishikesh, another holy city on the Ganges, where we will relax and unwind. Practicing yoga & meditation in a studio overlooking the foothills of the Himalayas, enjoying quiet walks along the river, visiting with local mystics, exploring the pleasant surroundings and ashrams of the yoga capital of the world.
Our India hosts Uschi & Rakesh will be offering an optional add on at the end of the journey for those who want to visit Agra, the Taj Mahal, and Fatepur Sikri. 
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